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Outdoor wood Flooring Vancouver

Having issues with some parts of our home is inevitable in the long run, as hardwood flooring will surely change from its fresh and healthy look.

During these times, these parts start showing strange signs and looks and eventually fail if not repaired on time. So, too, that applies to hardwood floors.

Outdoor Flooring North Vancouver

Breathe a new life into your space with the elegance of Giona Hardwood Floors, Vancouver’s top outdoor flooring company for top-quality wood and hardwood flooring. Specializing in patio flooring and outdoor wood flooring, Giona Hardwood is committed to transform your home with a diverse range of options and save money with amazing outdoor patio wood flooring.

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For those searching “outdoor wood flooring near me” or “outdoor wood tile flooring ” in Vancouver BC, Giona Hardwood Floors offers a timeless mix of craftsmanship and variety in flooring. With transparent pricing and a focus on customer satisfaction, our company goes beyond installation, providing services to refinish hardwood patio, decks and outdoor floors and ensure beauty and design. Transcend your living space with the timeless appeal of Giona Hardwood Floors.

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Outdoor Refinishing Services

Over time, your outdoor floor wood might also develop issues such as constant creaking and the emission of strange sounds which become persistent with time, and if these hardwoods are not refinished, they might fail in no time. 

 Your hardwood outdoor flooring and patio that’s deteriorating day by day can be refinished to a fine working condition. 

If you’re an inhabitant of Vancouver, West Vancouver or North Vancouver seeking outdoor hardwood floor refinishing near you, welcome to our page. Here, you will find out things to know about the hardwood refinishing services in Vancouver BC, including our services and the necessary information. So, do us a favor by paying utmost attention throughout this post.


Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Our area of specialization lies in outdoor wood patio floors. After we have paid a visit to your home, we will take our time to look around and examine your flooring conditions. 

In reality, these floors most times might appear appealing to the eyes, making it hard for untrained people to recognize these issues. But our professional hardwood floor refinishers, who are all equipped and experienced, will easily detect the issues and offer a possible solution to initiate an effective wood floor repair. 

Right from any wood patio repair service, including floor sanding, and resurfacing hardwood outdoor floors, our professionals are well versed. The only thing is to trust us and let us do the job. 

Another thing our professionals will also check during their visit is your preferences. Here, we determine your favorite hardwood color, finishes, and general look of your floors.

Complete outdoor Hardwood Flooring

The complete wood patio is aimed at finding the best solution to your flooring issues. Included in this wood floor repair is the hardwood floor installation and the add-on or adjustment of the initial wood floors. 

In cases of minimal damages, repairs are feasible, but if it’s pet-related stains, deep scratches, burns, or water damage, replacement of individual planks is feasible. We will not only repair casually, but consideration will be given to the wood floor’s type, species, wood aging, and plank size, thereby permitting a refinishing that will be perfectly matched to your original outdoor hardwood floor.

We also have expertise in custom staining that matches old floors or your design requirements. On-site live demonstrations will also be included so that you can effortlessly see how the new floors will look in your living space.

Our Process

Our Process to Refinishing Hardwood Floors

01. Request On-Site Estimation

Call us at 604-345-1977 or click here to get a callback.

02. Free Measure Up

We come to your site to give you a zero-obligation estimate plus consulation.

03. Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding & Repairs

With our quick work and unbeatable prices, we work to ge a 5-star review from you!

04. Hardwood Floors Staining (Optional)

Call us at 604-345-1977 or click here to get a callback.

05. Hardwood Floors Finishing

We come to your site to give you a zero-obligation estimate plus consulation.

06. Amazing results, Tidy Up and Work Completion

With our quick work and unbeatable prices, we work to ge a 5-star review from you!

Steps To Refinishing Your outdoor Hardwood Floors

  • Request & On-Site Estimation

Here, reach out to us via phone call, email, or online for a free on-site estimation. Inform us of your convenient time, and we will appear to inspect your floors and select the best service option while also providing a detailed, no-obligation estimate.

  • Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding & Repairs

After probable estimation, wood board repairs and installation follow. Afterward, sanding hardwood floors will follow, where we rough sand the floor of old finishes, scratches, stains, and any other damages.

    1. Hardwood Floors Staining (Optional)

    Even though this is an optional step, it might still come in handy for people hoping to match the color of their floors with their design goals and aesthetics. For informed decisions, we always provide a custom stain demo before the actual work begins.

    • Hardwood Floors Finishing

    The finishing system you choose will determine the type of oil we will use and the layer (between 1 and 3) for the hardwood finish. In most cases, we can apply eco-friendly fast-dry oil or water-based finishes.


    • Tidy Up and Work Completion

    Part of our routine is doing a pre-work minor protection setup before work commences. After we have finished, we will carry out a general clean-up to ensure a newly refinished wood floor and a nice experience.

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Giona Hardwood Floors in North Vancouver, Vancouver BC and West Vancouver

Relocation can seem like a new way to start over, but we assure you it can be hard at first, especially when it comes to understanding the environment, landmarks, and popular stores.

Relocating to North Vancouver and need help refinishing hardwood floors in your home, sanding wood floors, and also maneuvering around? We are groups of professionals who have worked in every corner of the city of North Vancouver.

If you need the best hardwood flooring refinishing near your area, we are your go-to anytime, any day. 

We will help you with your floor refinishing and also provide any information you might need to find your way around the city. 

The book is now on a first-come, first-served basis. Make the move now, Call us!

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Hardwood Refinishing FAQ

The question we hear the most after conversing with our customers is “What is the cost of refinishing hardwood floors” followed by “How to refinish hardwood floors.” To cut a long story short, hardwood floor refinishing cost depends on various factors, which include the type of wood flooring, type and state of pre-existing finishes, type of anticipated new finishes, thickness of the top wear layer, and other minor factors like groove depth, areas of wood repairs and replacements, nails on the top, etc. However, for a typical hardwood floor refinishing service, prepare at least a base price of $2.60 per square foot.

Another type of question we receive from customers is “How to refinish hardwood floors.” Well, to answer your question, after you have gotten the necessary materials and tools, and have practiced the necessary precautions, start by removing the furniture in your room, then flooring sanding should follow. After that, change the floor, and sand again. Having done that, you have just made a complete hardwood floor restoration yourself.

Indeed! That’s what we all know as sandless hardwood floor refinishing, or hardwood floor buffing. In fact, it is one of the most popular services these days, and it is the only application option for engineered hardwood floors with a dimension of 2mm or less of top wear layer. With this option, you can get a typical hardwood floor refinisher to help you renew up to 800 sq. ft of wood floors in 24 hours instead of traditional hardwood floor refinishing, which takes 48 to 72 hours.

Of course, yes! With a variety of colors available, you can select your preference, whether dark, light or any color in between. However, know that no matter the color you prefer, you can apply it to your hardwood floor.

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Hundreds of reviews

At Giona Hardwood Floors Limited, we take immense pride in our reviews, a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our valued clients consistently highlight the exceptional work we do, attention to detail, and superior service they receive, we know that because of the number of referrals we get. To ensure your peace of mind, we stand behind our work with decent guarantees, reflecting our confidence in the quality of our hardwood flooring installations, restorations, and refinishing.

Our Fans over the Globe

As a testament to our dedication and commitment and customer engagement, we’ve gained a community of over 430,000 fans across various social media platforms. This community not only reflects the trust our customers place in us but also serves as a platform for sharing the best of our flooring work, tips, and the latest trends in hardwood flooring. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our reviews and guarantees stand as a testament to the quality that defines our brand, “Giona Hardwood Floors”.


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