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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Victoria

Homeowners #1 Choice. Guaranteed dustless. Perfect refinishing

Do you feel that your hardwood floors no longer have the same shine as they once did? There is an affordable method to restore your hardwood floors to their original appearance. For your Victoria home, we provide the best hardwood refinishing services.

Reasons Victoria, BC homeowners select our hardwood floor refinishing:

  • up to 90% less expensive than having your present floors replaced.
  • Save the trees and help the environment.
  • In less than three days, have flooring that will wow anybody.
  • Keep your kids away from old & sharp hardwood floors.
  • Top hardwood floor repair in Victoria back to day one condition.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Victoria

The greatest method to give your hardwood floors a new lease on life is to use the help of Giona Hardwood Floors, the best hardwood floor restoration company in Victoria. Our area of expertise is wood floor refinishing.

Giona Hardwood is dedicated to providing excellent hardwood floor repair for your house and cost-effective hardwood floor sanding and refinishing.

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Giona Hardwood Floors provides a wide range of floor refinishing techniques, including staining, sanding, coating, and hardwood floor repair, whether you’re looking for a “hardwood floor refinisher near me” or “wood floor refinishing contractor near me” in Victoria, British Columbia.

Our company offers services to refinish hardwood floors and ensure the attractiveness of your home. We go above and beyond installation with our upfront pricing, affordable restoration, and focus on customer happiness.

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Floor Refinishing is our Expertise

If your hardwood floors are not refinished, issues may show up fast. Over time, your hardwood floors may have issues including persistent cracking and unpleasant noises.

Fortunately, it is possible to bring your worn-out hardwood flooring back to its original, flawless state.

This page has all the information you need to know about our services and other relevant details regarding hardwood refinishing in Victoria, BC, if you live here and are seeking for a reliable refinishing company in your area.

Since we have taken the time to educate you on what it takes to have flawless hardwood floors that always impress, kindly do us a favor and read this page from beginning to end.

Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors Start to finishing

At Giona Hardwood Floors, we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing in Victoria. When we first visit your home, we’ll take a look around and evaluate the condition of your hardwood flooring.

Because of their striking appearance, hardwood floors might be challenging for untrained eyes to recognize these issues. But, due of the tools and expertise on our team, our expert hardwood floor refinishers will be able to pinpoint the issues and offer a workable solution to get the wood floor repair off to a great start.

Our repair specialists are skilled in sanding and refinishing as well as all facets of hardwood floor maintenance. All we want is for your trust and for you to delegate the work to us. 

Our experts will also make sure to look over your preferences throughout our visit. Here, we choose the color of your choosing for the hardwood flooring in addition to the general design and look.

Sandless Floor Refinishing

Sandless floor refinishing is also known by the terms screening and recoating. Restoring the original appearance of your hardwood floors is the primary objective of this process.

To assist you understand, let’s say that your hardwood floors currently feel dull and that cleaning and mopping don’t seem to be helping. This is where we come into play. With our sandless hardwood floor refinishers, we will help you remove the top layer of this dull finish to bring your floor back to its vibrant appearance. Instead of waiting until your hardwood floor starts to look drab, regular refinishing will help it last longer and be more resilient, which will ultimately help you save money.

Sandless flooring is a fantastic option for Victoria homeowners that want to get the process over with as quickly as they can. 

We claim to be the top contractor for hardwood floor repair in Victoria BC, and have always proven this to all Victoria homeowners over and over.

Complete Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Finding the finest solution for your hardwood flooring issues is the aim of the entire wood floor restoration process. This wood floor repair and restoration procedure covers both the installation of hardwood floors and any alterations or additions made to the original wood floors.

Smaller damage can be repaired with a floor, but larger damage, burns, and pet stains may need replacing individual planks.

We will not merely do superficial fixes; rather, we will consider the kind, age, and plank size of the wood floor to enable a restoration that exactly like your original hardwood floor.

Furthermore, we are adept at custom staining to match older or antique flooring or your own design requirements. In addition, live demonstrations will take place on the premises so you can witness firsthand how the new flooring will blend into your living space.

Our Process

Our Process to Refinishing Hardwood Floors

01. Request On-Site Estimation

Call us at 604-345-1977 or click here to get a callback.

02. Free Measure Up

We come to your site to give you a zero-obligation estimate plus consulation.

03. Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding & Repairs

With our quick work and unbeatable prices, we work to ge a 5-star review from you!

04. Hardwood Floors Staining (Optional)

Call us at 604-345-1977 or click here to get a callback.

05. Hardwood Floors Finishing

We come to your site to give you a zero-obligation estimate plus consulation.

06. Amazing results, Tidy Up and Work Completion

With our quick work and unbeatable prices, we work to ge a 5-star review from you!

Steps To Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors (In victoria BC)

  • Request & On-Site Estimation

For a free on-site estimate, contact us via phone, email, or the here. Tell us when it’s most convenient for you, and we’ll come inspect your floors and suggest the best service for you along with providing a detailed, no-obligation quotation.

  • Dustless Hardwood Floor Sanding & Repairs

The following step is either repairs or hardwood floor refinishing, depending on assessment. Sanding hardwood floors rough will be the following stage in order to get rid of old finishes, stains, scratches, and other damage. This stage repairs your hardwood floors.

    1. Hardwood Floors Staining (Optional)

    Although this step is optional, it could still be useful for people who wish to match the color of their floor to their interior decor. Before we begin any work, we always provide a custom stain demo so you can make informed decisions.

    • Hardwood Floors Finishing

    Depending on the finishing technique you choose, the type of oil and layer (between 1 and 3) for the hardwood finish will change. Eco-friendly fast-dry coatings that are based on water or oil can often be applied.

    • Tidy Up and Work Completion

    Our pre-work process includes setting up the bare minimum of protection before work begins. We will undertake a general clean-up after we are completed to guarantee a freshly refinished wood floor and a pleasant experience.

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Giona Hardwood Floors Refinishing Victoria BC

Do you need help moving around your new Victoria home and refinishing hardwood floors or sanding wood floors? Every region of Victoria has been serviced by our expert staff before.

Whenever you require the best hardwood flooring refinishing contractors in your area, we are your first pick.

We will help you with floor refinishing and provide you with all the information you require to get about the city.

We currently only accept first-come, first-served requests for access. Call us immediately and take action!

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Hardwood Refinishing FAQ

The most often query we receive after interacting with clients is, “How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors?” as well “What is the cost of refinishing hardwood floors?” The type of wood flooring, the kind and state of any previous finishes, the type of new finishes that are anticipated, the thickness of the top wear layer, and other minute details like the depth of grooves, the areas that require wood repairs and replacements, the nails on top, etc., all play a role in how much it costs to refinish a hardwood floor. However, the cost of a typical hardwood floor refinishing service should be at least $5.00 per square foot.

Our customers also ask us queries like “How to refinish hardwood floors.” In response to your inquiry, assuming you have the necessary equipment and supplies and have followed the proper safety precautions, you ought to pull the furniture out of your room before sanding the floor. Then put the floor back and add more sand. You just finished restoring a whole hardwood floor by yourself.

Yes, without a doubt! That’s what’s often called sandless hardwood floor restoration or hardwood floor buffing. It is really one of the most widely used services available today and the only application choice for engineered hardwood floors with a top wear layer dimension of 2 mm or less. You can hire a conventional hardwood floor refinisher to help you update up to 800 square feet of wood flooring in 24 hours as an alternative to standard hardwood floor refinishing, which takes 48 to 72 hours.

Yes, without a doubt! You can select the color—light, dark, or any shade in between—that best fits your requirements. However, keep in mind that you can paint your hardwood floor any color you choose.

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Hundreds of reviews

As a hardwood refinishing business in the center of Victoria, Giona Hardwood Floors Limited is quite proud of its reviews, which bear witness to our commitment to customer satisfaction. We are aware that our valued clients frequently congratulate us on the exceptional work we perform, our careful attention to detail, and the excellent service they receive because of the frequency of recommendations we receive. We offer reasonable guarantees to give you peace of mind, since we are confident in the quality of our hardwood flooring installations, restorations, and refinishing.

Our Fans over the Globe

With the help of our dedication, hard work, and customer interaction, we have accumulated over 430,000 admirers across various social media platforms. Our community provides a place for the sharing of ideas, the best of our flooring installations, flooring repair, and the most recent advancements in hardwood flooring, in addition to serving as a symbol of our clients’ trust in us. The quality that sets apart our brand, “Giona Hardwood Floors,” is proved to by our reviews and warranties, and your satisfaction is our first priority.

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